Classroom A/V

IMPORTANT TIP: Having issues with any classroom device? Start by REBOOTING IT.


  • To work this projection; make sure you're logged into your laptop, connect laptop to proper adapter and plug into computer. Then turn on projector with remote, then the projector and computer should auto-connect. Volume can be adjusted in 3 different places: projector remote, volume control on the wall and video/website audio.


    1. Turn on the projector or television and make sure the input source is set to the AppleTV (generally HDMI 1 or 2). You should see the AppleTV display screen which includes the name of the location you are in and a simplified version of the instructions below.

    2. Make sure you are connected to a Hotchkiss wireless network

    3. Make sure bluetooth is turned on for your device

    4. Use the Screen Mirroring option on your device to select a nearby AppleTV. For Mac laptops running MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or earlier: click the AirPlay icon in the system menu at the top of the screen. For Mac laptops running MacOS 11 (Big Sur) or later: click the control center icon in the system menu at the top of the screen and click the screen Mirroring option. For iPads and iPhones, use the screen mirroring options in the control center of your device.

    5. Choose the name of the AppleTV that matches the name of the room or location you want.

    6. Enter the AirPlay code that will be automatically displayed on the projector or television screen to pair your device. This also ensures that someone in a nearby room cannot accidentally (or on purpose) connect to your screen.

    7. When you are done, be sure to disconnect using the same options (screen mirroring, control center or Airplay) you used to connect.

    8. IMPORTANT NOTE: Volume control for this will be through: remote, volume control on the wall, video/website audio or computer audio.


  • To work this projection we use the Creston control panel, select on the control pad to power up, you may have to use Panasonic remote to power this on if this does not work. Once the panel is on; confirm the stage right floor box HDMI output is selected. Connect laptop to proper adapter and plug into computer. The laptop should auto-connect. Please note: this may take a few minutes as projector needs to warm up. Volume controls: make sure you are selected on Creston for your audio on your computer, to control volume, there is control on the Creston control panel under room volume. When finished, press projector on the Creston control panel and press power off.


  • If connecting OWL Camera in the classroom, here are the steps:

1. Make sure your Owl is plugged into a power source and your computer. When the Owl’s eyes stop pulsing and you hear a “hoot,” your Owl is ready to use.

2. Launch your preferred web-based video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype for Business, or Cisco Webex. (Here’s a full list of the software the Meeting Owl is compatible with.)

3. Enter your Meeting ID or start a new video conferencing meeting.

4. Select the Meeting Owl as your camera, microphone, and speaker.


  • Missing adapter?: If you're missing an adapter, notify ITS.

  • If that does not help, put in a ticket to the Service Desk for support