• Loaners/Repairs:

    • A student, staff or faculty member gets a loaner and repair done when their school-issued machine is broken beyond troubleshooting:

        • i.e. Broken screen, water damage

    • User must contact service desk (Creating A Help Ticket):

        • Will be contacted to make appointment/schedule shipment

    • User must get broken machine to service desk:

        • Ship the machine to Hotchkiss.

        • Drop off at service desk

    • Once the machine is here, a loaner is issued in one of two ways:

        • Loaner mailed to off-campus user

        • Loaner is picked up at the service desk when broken machine is dropped off

    • The service desk will communicate to user when repairs are complete regarding next steps

  • Chargers and Accessories:

    • Macbook Chargers:

      • There are two types of chargers on campus: Magnetic and USB-C

        • Magnetic chargers transfer power via contact. Problems include:

          • Demagnetizing

          • Power transfer failure

          • Frayed wires

      • USB-C chargers, like most chargers, plug into the machine. Problems include:

          • Broken/bent plug

          • Contact pin disconnects

          • Frayed wires

    • iPad Chargers:

      • Lightning cables are for mobile devices like iPhones as well. Problems include:

        • Broken/bent plug

        • Power transfer failure

        • Frayed wires

    • If there is a charging issue, bring the charger to the service desk for evaluation

    • There are spares for these available, if it is determined a replacement is necessary

    • iPhone Repairs:

      • The best option for iPhone repair is to send it to our local Apple certified repair center, Visionary Computer. Arrange a repair by contacting Visionary Computer at (860)-435-2211 or at http://www.visionarycomputer.net and prepare the device for shipment.

To send the device:

  1. Package the phone safely in a transportable box

  2. Include your name, email address, phone number and a brief description of the issue and steps you performed to try to resolve the issue

  3. Once ready for shipment, you can drop it off at the Service Desk and we will arrange delivery with Visionary Computer

  4. Once complete, the iPhone will be shipped back to the Service Desk and we will contact you to come pick it up at the Service Desk

Note: IT Services is not responsible for costs associated with repairing personal devices or damages incurred during transportation.

Specs for New laptops:

Model Name: MacBook Air

Chip: Apple M1

Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)

Graphics card: Apple M1 7-Core GPU

Memory: 8 GB

Camera: Facetime HD camera

Hard drive: Apple SSD AP0256Q (capacity: 261 GB)

Battery: lithium polymer battery

Ports: 2 USB-C and 1 Headphone jack